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The Real Estate Office Reinvented

There is a lot of talk about the real estate brokerage of the future. At Intero, we’re actually creating it.

The Andare office model is a part of that future – your future. Andare is what a real estate office can and should be: a cost-efficient operation that delivers a memorable experience to agents and consumers alike.

First piloted by Intero in Silicon Valley California, the Andare office model is completely portable. Intero has developed a turnkey plan for franchisees in the United States and around the globe to create their own Andare offices.

Explore this website at your leisure. Watch our video. Explore the online floorplan and our 3-D Photosynth. You’ll see why Andare offers you a brighter, more profitable future.

An experience you can recruit on

Building a brand is about creating memorable experiences. The Andare experience is just that. It’s unlike – and dramatically more appealing – than the status quo. Agents looking for a fresh approach will turn to you.

The first thing you notice when you step into an Andare office is that the seldom-used cubicles have been replaced with fully wired pods for agents who drop-in and head out. Gone too are the fax machines, file cabinets, copiers and binders, and replaced with hi-speed wireless Internet and Web-based transaction management software. The environment is inviting, open and attractive.

Build your own Andare office today

Research, blueprints, floor plans, operational and management practices and consulting are available to Intero affiliates that wish to open Andare offices in their markets. We make it easy for you to get up and running with an office environment wired for profitability from Day One.


“Andare was a big part of my decision to affiliate with the Intero brand because it gave me something new and exciting to bring to the marketplace and will put me on a profitable track from day one”

Sandy Miller, San Diego, California